Why Dream Travel not only wants you to keep dreaming about those amazing places you, your family and friends would like to travel too. We want to help you make those dreams a reality. Yes, we should not stop just at dreaming but actually take the steps towards achieving it. We believe that it is as simple as planning it, saving for it and taking actions whether that starts with coming to us and getting information or a quote. Then you are halfway there. Travelling can be expensive but we aim to support you with good quotes and payment plans, if that is what you need. So, no more just dreaming, aim to live the dream and create many more!


Travel by air, train, coach, boat to camps, caravan, cottages, lodges, cruises, hotels and resorts we have it all from your low cost to that luxurious special treat. We aim to meet your budget and show you more. We are in a unique position of having partnerships with most major travel brands so a great selection. We can search or you can search, click and go!

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As a single mother of two travelling was a dream! This opportunity has made my travel dreams come true. Now I can earn the commission every time I take a holiday – it’s just fantastic!